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DigiSwarm provides free and heavily subsidised courses in programming, digital marketing and sales to individuals who may not have access to education through traditional routes.


Learn about blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies before developing your very blockchain based system.

Digital Marketing

Become an expert in Digital Marketing through our course focused on data-driven Digital Marketing.

Software Development

Become a full-stack software developer and gain the knowledge needed to build complex websites from scratch.

Global Sales

Gain a deeper understanding of global sales in B2B and B2C markets to accelerate your career in sales.

Digital Nomad & Entrepreneur Course

Learn everything you need to know to create your own online business, from building the software all the way through to marketing and sales.


Create your own custom website, built using the latest technologies, including React, Tailwind and many more. First you will build your very own starter kit, with everything a modern software application needs.


Learn how to give your project the best possible start by creating a thorough SEO and marketing strategy, before moving through the steps to create a solid foundation for future-proof marketing.


Accelerate your project growth with a clearly defined, simple and repeatable sales strategy. Building on top of the marketing, you will learn how to build effective sales funnels around your project.

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Putting you in control of your career

Whether your wish is to be employed by a large multinational or you want to do it yourself and build your own empire, our courses are designed with flexibility in mind.

Freedom to grow

We don't put restrictions on your learning, as all of our courses are complimentary to each other, should your desire to be an entrepreneur be strong, we can blend courses together just for you.


Gain valuable skills

All of our courses are designed to deliver the real-world skills necessary to excel. These transferable skills will help consolidate what you already know and build on top of a strong foundation.

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DigiSwarm is a full-service digital and innovation company, and we're here to help you succeed in the digital and physical worlds. From branding to marketing, to interactive or physical products, we'll work with you from start to finish.

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