About DigiSwarm

Digiswarm are an innovative tech startup focused on providing decentralised network solutions for real world problems. Utilising block chain technology we seek to solve issues in which transparency of personal data is required whilst providing levels of privacy not offered by traditional solutions. Our solutions cover a variety of areas, including personal, professional and animal related products.

Our Mission

Innovate to create
a brighter future.

Our team believe that technology and innovation can be used to change the world for the better. By combining the development of new technologies with the ethos of a social enterprise, we can help change the lives of so many people and build for a safer future.

Secure Blockchain Products

Many of the products we create utilise blockchain and it's decentralised nature to ensure the data stays with its owner.

Open Source Technology

We open-source most of the products we create to encourage wider community involvement and push the boundaries of future technology.

Coded For Developers

We build with the intention to let other developers build on top of our code, so we aim to make it as easy as possible to understand with easy to read documentation.

Learn With Us

Our development team are committed to teaching the future generations how to code, with a focus on teaching communities that may not have access to these courses.

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